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We understand a trip to the groomers can be stressful for your dog. Whether they have had a bad experience in the past, hate the sound of the hairdryer, or don’t like to be separated from their owner – we take the time to create a stress-free environment so your dog can get to know us and feel safe and comfortable.  


We complete a short health check on your dog on arrival to ensure they are fit for grooming. If your dog is overly un-settled, despite our efforts, we shall call you for further instructions. 


Prices depending on dog size and coat type

This is a groom to breed standard, or a pet cut of your choice.

FULL GROOM:  Includes bath with suitable shampoo, 

Drying, brush out and de-matting (if necessary), clipping, scissoring the coat

Ear check and clean,

Paw pad trim and nail clipping, Sanitary trim, 

face & Eye trim and a spritz of dog cologne.


BASIC GROOM:  Includes bath with shampoo, 

drying, brush out and de-matting (if necessary),

scissor tidy of paws, face trim,

paw pad trim and nail clipping

and spritz of dog cologne.

Wash and Go

Depending on dog size and coat type, suitable for shorter coats.

Includes bath with suitable shampoo

Towel dry

nail trim


Puppy Groom

Price depending on breed and size

Designed to get your pup used to the noises and smells of our grooming salon

For pups 12 weeks - 7 months old

This includes a bath with suitable gentle shampoos,

Drying and brush out of pup's coat,

Ear check & clean,

Paw trim and nail clipping,

Sanitary trim

 Eye trim . 

Nail Clipping

£10 Nail and Paw pad trim

this price is for all sized dogs


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