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Full Grooming

Terms and Conditions

We ask all new customers to pay a non refundable deposit  of 50% of the grooms booked in with us. This will come off the price of your grooms when you come in on the day of your appointment. Payment is due on booking.
Account details are 

Payment on the day is Cash or BACS.  We no longer take card payments.

What to expect on the day of your dogs groom, full groom- bath in suitable shampoo for your dog, dry, brush out/dashed, nail trim and pawpaw trim, ear clean, scissor to the style you require.
Please also be aware that we will need to fill in client forms and if we get time we will take pictures to post to our social media.

Arrival and Collection
Arriving early? Late for you appointment 
Please ensure you arrive on time for your appointments. We allocate a suitable length of time in order to groom your pet in as stress free environments as possible, arriving late to your appointment eats into the time we allocate and may mean that we will not be able to achieve the full groom. If this is the case the full price of the groom will still apply.
If you arrive any later than 15 minutes after you pets scheduled appointment your appointment will be considered as late, and you may forfeit your time slot incurring a cancellation fee.

Collection of your pet
You will be given specific time to collect your pet, please understand that we need this time to complete the groom and we ask that you do not return earlier than agreed unless contacted by us to do so.
We pride ourselves on grooming on a 1-2-1 basis and try to aim for a stress free experience for your pet at all times.

Cancellation policy
Shampooches of Dereham require 24hours notice for cancellation of appointments. The full price of your groom will be payable if cancelled within less than 24 hours.
A time slot is reserved for your dog.
Missed appointments will incur a cancellation fee of full price of your pets groom, payable before further appointments can be booked. Dogs arriving late may also have to be rebooked and cancellation fee will apply.


Please DO NOT bring your dog to the salon if she is in season, she is super sensitive at this time, and its not particularly nice for her and we want her to have the best possible time when she comes to us.


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