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What is Microchipping? 


Microchip technology for animal identification has been around since the 1980. It has since developed into the popular pet microchip scheme we know today where by pet animals are routinely implanted with a microchip that contains a unique code and when scanned provides permanent proof of identification. Various databases exist to store the essential information associated to a microchip. 


Microchipping of dogs regulations (England) 2015 stipulates it is a legal requirement to ensure all canine animals are microchipped before they are 8 weeks old.

Microchipping of cats legislation was introduced on 19th March 2023, stipulates that implantation before they reach 20 weeks.

Microchipping your pet only takes 10 minutes! 

At Our Salon

We microchip the following animals: 





£11.99 per animal

Litters over 5 - £10 per animal

At Your Home 

Same costings as on our premises apply plus a fuel charge: 

Within 5 Miles of NR19 1BX


5 - 10 Miles of NR19 1BX


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