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Teeth Cleaning with emmi-pet
emmi-pet ultrasound is a worldwide patented dental and oral hygiene system, the piezo chip in the brush head generates 100% ultrasound and up to 96 million air vibrations per minute.

Silent and vibration-free
The emmi-pet Ultrasonic toothbrush works completely silent and vibrationless, so your dog will enjoy the dental care.

Minimum time required
Cleaning with ultrasound is recommended to be done daily. 2-3 minutes are already sufficient to do this.

4 day teeth cleaning 
At Shampooches of Dereham we recommend a 4 day course of 30 minute sessions for the best results, we like to book these sessions at the end of our grooming day to ensure your dog has less distractions.

emmi-pet 7day Hire
we also hire out a emmi-pet toothbrush:- emmi-pet toothbrush, head and power cable, toothpaste, rosewood stick, gloves are supplied.

Top up teeth clean
Top up cleaning at your regular dog grooming appointment, this usually takes 30 minutes and is added to your groom.
Initial consultation 1st visit £40 (including toothbrush head)
followed by
Emmi-pet teeth cleaning 4 day £85
Prepaid package of x 10 visits £200
Top up teeth clean £25
Replacement toothbrush head £10
Puppy familiarisation £10
Emmi-pet hire (7days including 1 x toothbrush head) £65

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